Friday, May 01, 2009

The Good Kind of Viral

There's a little social experiment going on over at the winedog's place.

What I’d like to do today is ask everyone who sees this (and hasn’t already done so) to click this link and donate $5 dollars (or whatever you can) to my LiveStrong Ride. Then forward either this webpage or the LiveStrong link to your network. If things are really tight, just forward the link to your network. I figure if most of my network drops $5 towards the cause we’ll raise around $3000 today. If you get your network involved who knows what we can do. Let’s play hard today and see what we can create!

This year over 1.3 million people will be diagnosed with cancer. Last year over 565,000 people in the US died from cancer. I ride for those who have left us, those who have beat the disease into remission, those who are battling cancer today and those that will fight it in the future. Let’s see what social media can do today to fight cancer.

I don't think there is anyone out there that hasn't been touched, in some way, by cancer. $5 may seem so small, but if we all put our $5 together, it can add up to something really huge - change. A chance. Maybe. Just maybe. A cure.

Please take a moment, make a donation, repost this message, email it to friends.

Let's bring the good kind of viral back to the internets.

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