Friday, May 01, 2009

Don't Worry - Bee Happy

When SweetPea dropped grandpa off yesterday afternoon, they made a rather disconcerting discovery.

It seems that a hive of bees had made their home in grandpa's chimney.

Some of them had started wandering into the house, so grandpa busted out the ultimate weapon-of-death - the vacuum - and began dispatching the vagrants.

I suggested that SweetPea call an exterminator. After a couple of false starts, I told her to just call one of the better known local companies. If you're from the area, if you heard the name, you would probably reply with their jingle without skipping a beat.

Like my coworker did, from her cubicle.

So SweetPea calls Local Well Known Exterminator Company, and talks to Exterminator Guy. Who told her that lighting a fire was free.

So she did.

And set the fire alarm off.

After grabbing MonkeyDo from her after school program, I meandered up there to visit while she waged her firey war.

This is what was going on when I got there:

Did you want to see a close up? Sure you do.

They were still clinging when we finally left. A lot less of them, I think, but the chimney was still covered.

I guess an exterminator is going to have to come out, after all.

Good times.


Loki's Dad said...

WAIT!!!!! DONT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR. Call a beekeeper/apiary specialist, they'll come and get the bees and move them. You have a swarm, and they know how to move them. There's a serious problem with the bee community, and we need them (and Sacramento especially does) to fertilize crops. No bees, no food. Sorry if I'm coming off like some kind of PETA freak, but try,,, they should be able to recommend someone.

Freedomgirl said...

wow, that is an impressive collection of bees. they look sort of beautiful all piled on top of each other... and if you can stand it, and they're honey bees, i second LD up there. bees are in crisis and now one knows why. lots of interesting info out there about it but i don't have time to find it right now...