Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Purse of the Divine Mary

I've been needing one forever, but I'm so particular that it's really hard for me to find one I like.

I stumbled across this at Sub Q when we went to have SweetPea's lobes stretched to the next size (note: not gauged). I liked it immediately, but didn't get it.

It was still there when we went back a week later for piercings, and again the next night when we were there for the Second Saturday Art Walk.

It's like it was mocking me.

So we went back the next Tuesday and bought it.

I'm totally in love. I'd been hoping for something of about this style... Something I can wear across my body, instead of just over a shoulder, something I can carry a lot or a little, and something I can get into easily. My one concern is that it makes me nervous about putting a lot of weight in it. Otherwise, I really do like it. I've gotten loads of compliments on it.

What drew me to it was the image. Which is strange, because it's not a theme I generally go for, but it totally drew me in and I had to have it. And she's gorgeous and sparkly and wholesome but totally not, all at the same time.

My kind of girl.

I'm thinking, actually, about working on a little collection of these. I've found a couple of companies that create these in various forms, and they're fairly inexpensive at less than $20 a piece.

And did I mention that it's made from a tee-shirt?

Which totally gave me an idea for a tee-shirt I have that doesn't fit.


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