Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Gypsy Caravan Tour

During the summer, a friend from online had the opportunity to come out to Sacramento for a few weeks on business. While he was here, we got the chance to hang out with him and get to know him better, in real life.

It was totally awesome and we (not just SweetPea and I, but everyone who met him while he was here) were sad when it was time for him to go home.

He started bugging us even before he left about bringing the Gypsy Caravan out to see him.

I was more than a little concerned about how that would work out and how much it would cost, since it would require renting a vehicle that was capable of making it from California to Missouri and back. I was pretty sure it'd be damn hard for us to pull off.

Well, now that we own a vehicle that can easily make that trip (and then some), the Gypsy Caravan is officially in the planning stages.

Because there are so many people that I would love the chance to hug and visit with, and because I just don't see much point in leaving the state without hoarding as many hugs as I can, the Gypsy Caravan's Tour Route is getting larger and larger.

I've already got a tentative route planned, with stops plotted for people I know I absolutely have to hug. Including one stop that's close enough that it probably shouldn't take a whole Caravan to go visit.

I also plan on going past the Show Me State to stop in Michigan to hug a particular lanky geek that I very selfishly wish still lived in California.

I'm hoping we can even make it out to Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The tentative route also passes through Arizona, Texas, Kansas and Indiana (and then some!). And I haven't even started on the return route!

I'll post updates as planning progresses - including travel dates, the final route & planned stops, etc. We will probably be travelling in the summer time, after the Monkeys get out of school for the year. Depending on our travel schedule, we may be stopping for lunch, or for dinner and the night. We will probably be spending the most of our time in Missouri, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Would you like to be a spot on the Gypsy Caravan Tour Route? I'd love to meet you!

Post a comment or email me (theverbosery at gmail dot com) and let me know where you are! I'll put a pushpin in the Draft Route Map for you and see if we can make it work.

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Gruppie Girl said...

Your family is completely welcome to come to Connecticut ANYTIME!!

We can take you golfing, buy you each a cardiagn sweater and take a walking tour of the quiant downtown. ...Try your best to hold back your excitement...

Your life is so interesting and exciting...maybe we should caravan west.

Dawn on MDI said...

If you're coming as far as Massachusetts, it would be an absolute shame to miss Maine. Drive on up I-95 to Augusta, head EAST on Route 3 and keep going until you hit ocean. Route 3 ends at Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park and the first place in America that the sun hits in the morning. It's breathtaking here. I can hear the buoy bells from my home and sometimes I can even hear the surf. Come. Let me know when you're coming and I'll give you the cook's tour (the stuff tourists don't generally get to see).

dolphyngyrl said...

Gruppie - "interesting and exciting"? Wow. I've always thought of it as more "certifiably insane". But you guys should DEFINITELY come west... There's a city near us that you would just love (Davis, CA).

Dawn - SweetPea says "I've always wanted to go to Maine." And, since I have, too - you're on! I'll let you know once we've figured out when we'll be where.