Friday, December 05, 2008

The Big Announcement

On Wednesday afternoon I accepted a new (promotional) position with a different agency. Which means I will be leaving my current office and joining a new (and much tinier) one.

Some of you will have more insight than others into just what this means for me, but, I can assure you, it is a very good thing.

I will be doing, essentially, the same things I'm doing now, and I will be working in regulation enforcement for a professional licensing agency.

I'm moving from an office with a staff of just over 30 to one with a staff of about 10.

I will be the third person in the enforcement unit that they have, and the only one who has had any experience in enforcement prior to working at this agency. Which is precisely why I was chosen. The staff of the unit were kind of thrust into their positions without a whole lot of training or experience, so they've been doing a whole lot of floundering for the past year or so. I'd worked with these women a couple months back on one of the processes that I do, and they were the ones that interviewed me (and not the boss). They know that I have the knowledge and experience, that I'm a "good trainer" and I think that they're excited to finally have someone on board who can help them do their jobs better, smarter, more efficiently.

It's exciting and flattering and a little bit intimidating to be the one they chose.

Ordinarily, with this promotion, I would be starting my new position in two weeks. Because it is a new position for them, they actually have to build me a new cubicle and get me a computer.

So my last day, interestingly enough, will be New Year's Eve. And I will start my new job the following Monday.

For the remainder of the month, I will be working really hard to get caught up a desk that hasn't been 100% caught up in... uh... probably two years. Which is totally what happens when the least amount of work you've had to do in that time is approximately two desk's worth.

My manager has said I could have whatever overtime I was willing to work, so I will be doing that in spades.

It is going to be a very, very long month (except for that week I'm off for Christmas).

Also: SQUEE!!! Excited!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! In this world, moving up sure beats the options. Now we'll hold our breath for full finding from our beloved leaders.....

Dawn Fortune said...

Congratulations! I have no idea what all that work-related stuff was - something about regulations and agencies and professionals - but it sounds very good and very exciting. The year-end OT is nice, too. Good for you!

dolphyngyrl said...


The good thing about working for a licensing Board - none of our money comes out of the general fund. The one I work for now has lots of money. The one I'm going to not so much. But that's ok. As long as they pay me, I'm a happy girl. :)

Dawn: Thank you! :) I'm excited!

Gruppie Girl said...

Congrats on the new position!!