Thursday, November 06, 2008

Proposition 8 - The Fallout Begins

I absolutely hate the condescending tone of the News 10 reporters. Then again, judging by the way they're styled, I think I can guess who their target audience is. (That would be the family of the only little girl they interviewed.)(And, my, didn't they post what she said like it didn't make her sound like an ignorant, backassward mouthpiece?)(Gee, I'm so glad she won't have to learn about such offensive subjects as gay marriage or evolution in public school. I'm sure her parents are so proud.)

News 10 Sacramento (There are two videos)

ABC30 in Fresno

That's all I've found so far. Well, no, there were lots of vigils and coverage in other areas. Sacbee, KCRA and KQCA are all still convinced that :
  1. The police were walking around in riot gear
  2. The only protest was at the Lambda Center and lasted for two hours

While the paddy wagon had shown up by the time we left, most of the cops dealing directly with protesters (on both sides) were bicycle cops. Yes, there were patrol cars, too, but they mostly stood back and observed. And the protesters at the Capitol were still holding strong when News 10's nightly news went on at 11pm. (We started at 5pm)

While I think that News 10's coverage was more than a little condescending, I do appreciate that their headline was closer to the what was actually going on than anyone has seemed to get "Same-Sex Couples Mourn Marriage Ban".

While ignorant people who have commented on the stories available online about how they already won, last night's protest wasn't about winning. It wasn't about changing minds or influencing votes.

It was about mourning equality in California.

Another interesting note: We chatted with a fabulously lovely attorney last night at the vigil. What she said was that the Secretary of State won't certify the results until December 13th, and, until she does, counties, by law, should still be performing same sex ceremonies.

If you know someone who has been turned away, they should probably seek legal advice. By law, same sex marriages should still be going on until the Secretary of State certifies the results on December 13th.

We will be back at the Capitol on Sunday, if you'd like to join us.

We are not done yet.

Equal rights will not go down in California.

No matter what the "majority" would like to say about that.


Once upon a time, the majority approved of slavery, segregation, banning marriages between interracial couples, keeping African-Americans from voting, keeping women from voting. It took the government to step and declare those things against the intent and spirit of our great nation.

One final word: On Tuesday night, "the majority" of Californians showed that they had more concern for the well-being of the chickens that lay their breakfast eggs than they do for their brothers, sisters, neighbors, coworkers, friends, family.

Maybe that means we need to try to get the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to act on our behalf.

Finally, for those of you who may be wondering: Everything I've read seems to indicate that our marriage should be fine. I'll post some more information on that soon.

PS: Hey, out of state money bought this election, why not use it for the next one?

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