Monday, November 17, 2008

Java Detour - Practicing Discrimination

Look! It's our two favorite baristas from Java Detour, a.k.a "Hot Chicks in a Box". We mostly dealt with the one in front, and had been wondering why we hadn't seen her since July. We ran into them after the marchers got to the Capitol and found out that they'd both been fired, approximately four months apart.

Can you guess why?

Here's a hint: these lovely lady baristas happen to also be girlfriends.

SweetPea is super disappointed that we'll no longer be supporting Java Detour, as she always liked their Chai Tea Latte better than the one they make at Starbucks. Personally, I always thought Java Detour's coffee tasted a little burnt. I did, however, enjoy their breakfast sandwiches. Especially the way that I could watch them being made.

But we're refusing to give our money to companies that would use such hate and discrimination in their business practices.

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