Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday - Consumerism's Ugly on Display

What can one even say about this? Three people dead in separate Black Friday shopping incidents, including a temporary Wal-Mart worker who was just trying to open the doors for anxious greedy shoppers.

I'm sure y'all have figured out by now that it's not often that I don't have something to say, but this just renders me speechless.



I cannot even imagine.

The mob mentality at work?

Years of people being led to believe that it's ok to put themselves ahead of the best interests of "the pack"?

Merchants encouraging and inflaming the Black Friday madness?

Merchants being completely unprepared to control the Black Friday madness?

All of that, surely, and more.

Like I said, I'm a little at a loss for words. Good thing she's hot.

PS: If you're on my Christmas shopping list, you'll probably be getting something handmade. No, not by me. I'm not actually in third grade anymore.


Dawn Fortune said...

Natural selection. The stupid get killed. You gotta be a special kind of stupid to get up at that hour of the day to save $30 on something the mass media demands you must buy. We used to do the early sales, hell, some of my earliest childhood memories involve Filene's Basement, in Boston, on Black Friday, so I do know what I am talking about, but the whole feel of the thing has been off in recent years. It is not about bargains and holiday deals, it is about junkies getting a fix, and it is more than a little bit creepy. We strolled out Friday at around noon, bought a few things, had lunch, bought a few more things (I found some sandpaper that I needed for 99 cents!) then came home and had supper. Nobody got trampled, nobody got pissy, nobody got run over in the parking lot. It was pretty good, all things considered. This is not to say bad things about the poor guy who got trampled, but more an indictment of our society that fosters the kind of mental and emotional environment that permits things to get to the point where such tragedies are possible.

dolphyngyrl said...

I remember watching the Friday morning news some years back and seeing local malls being shut down because there were so many people it was becoming a fire hazard. It's insane! Personally, I'm not one for crowds, so Black Friday shopping is pretty much out of the question for me. The one time I actually went into a store on Black Friday was about 2am at a 24 hour WalMart.

We have (had?) friends who did it every year. Part of their Thanksgiving tradition was sitting down with the circulars and plotting where they were going, in what order, and what they were getting. They got out early on Black Friday, shopped a few hours, and got all their Christmas shopping done before work.

Me? No, thanks. If I can't find your present at a price I'm willing to pay for it, you're just not getting that item.