Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Smarter than a Toddler

When MonkeySee was about three years old, we had a computer that he played games on. He had all kinds of learning games and loved playing them. He loved playing them so much that he was not particularly inclined to wait until he was told it was ok to play them.

So he would just climb up into the chair and pull the games up.

To prevent this, we started locking our screen saver, so you had to enter a password to use the computer after the screen saver came up.

Which worked great until he learned that if he turned the computer off and then back on, he could effectively bypass this.

So we got a locking cover for the part of the computer that had the switch. It worked great, even if it was kind of a pain in the ass to get that key and unlock the thing whenever we needed access to the switch.

That is... It worked great until he figured out how to bypass it.

Alright... Are you smarter than a three year old?

Can you figure out how he bypassed the locking switch cover and the password-locked screen saver.

That's right, kids. He figured out that if he climbed under the desk, he could flip the switch on the power bar and restart the computer.

How much fun is high school going to be?

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