Monday, October 06, 2008

Before Our Eyes

June 2000
March 2005
April 2006
July 2006
March 2007
June 2007

MonkeySee is becoming a man before our very eyes.

It is amazing and we are so blessed to be a part of his transition into adulthood.

Thirteen years ago he was born, a little old man with bright orange hair.

OK, some things haven't changed that much.

Happy birthday, MonkeySee!


Codejnki said...

To me the most striking transition is between last year and this year. He most defiantly became a "tweener" this last year.

Oh, and he probably doesn't appreciate picture #1 very much.

Wine Dog said...

Happy Birthday Monkey See

(fellow Libra)

elphie said...

Happy Birthday Turtle!!

Gruppie Girl said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your photos..they brought a little tear to my eye thinking of how fast kids grow up.

What did you end up doing for your guy's birthdya party?

dolphyngyrl said...

gruppie: We had it at a pizza parlor. We reserved the back room, brought treat bags and cake, ordered a couple of pizzas and cut the teenagers loose. They had a blast!

dolphyngyrl said...

winedog: Libras rock. We also know two other people with the same birthday as MonkeySee (SweetPea's dad and Wil).

Funny stuff, birthdays.