Monday, October 27, 2008

Proposition 8 - Using Kids Without Permission

How would you like images of your children used, without your permission, to support a campaign of hate?

Parents of San Francisco children featured in a Yes on Proposition 8 ad are outraged.

The ad features pictures taken at a same-sex wedding held two weeks ago in San Francisco. First grade students of one of the couple attended the wedding as a field trip.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'd like to say that I'm not sure attending a wedding is an appropriate field trip, no matter what gender combination the betrothed couple happens to be. Yes, I think that it's awesome that the teacher wanted to include her students in such a special day, but I think that's probably something that could have been done outside of class time.

However, having said that, I'd like to point out that, in the State of California, there is no going on a field trip without express, written permission from the parents of the students involved.

So, no, Proposition (H)8 supporters, there were no children "forced" to "learn about" gay marriage, whether their parents "liked it or not".

Because each and every student was there with the full permission and knowledge of their parents.

To me, what this says is that supporters of Prop (H)8 have run completely out of arguments that are even remotely rational, and are switching to outright lies and a tactic of appealing to the lowest common denominators: hatred, bigotry, feelings of helplessness, feelings of superiority, and self-righteousness.

Good job, guys!

I guess if you can't beat someone with logical, intelligent argument, the next best thing is to round up all us dirty homos and make us wear special stars.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was that a slippery slope?

I'm sure y'all would know nothing about that.

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Reuven said...

It's been settled! Most Churches say NO to prop 8.