Monday, October 27, 2008

Daylight Savings is the Suck

No, kids, you didn't miss it. We're not scheduled to "fall back" until Sunday.

Unfortunately, since the government can't seem to make a decision on when we should be changing our clocks, the electronics here at work get really confused twice a year.

Remember in 2007 when DST was extended? Boy, was that a good time! Our IT department actually had to create and install a "patch" so that our computers would recognize and reflect the correct time (although some of us just went in and switched our time zone to one that reflected the correct time).

It's not just about our computer clocks, either.

Our phones have clocks, and the key card readers that secure our doors and allow us entrance into the building and offices also have clocks. Because, you know... We can't be trusted to access the building any old time we want to.

Twice a year we have this big old mess, especially now that the schedule for time changing has changed.

This morning when I got to work, the doors wouldn't unlock for me. When I got up to our floor, the two locked doors leading into our office had been propped open, clearly indicating that those key readers were having issues, as well.

I guess that means, security wise, that it's a good thing this was 6:30am and not 8:30 am!

Now that we're on the subject, I'm totally not looking forward to changing the clocks at home! The computers and the phones will all set themselves (correctly, I might add), as will my alarm clock once I've flipped it's little switch. But we have a big, round wall clock in each room that will need to be changed (and the batteries, too!), as well as the microwave clock and the atomic clock that's in the kitchen (isn't that supposed to set itself?)(because it doesn't).

OK, so not really a big deal, all things considered, but y'all should know that I'm short and that always makes this time of year something of an adventure.

Let's not forget changing the batteries on our smoke detectors! You should do that twice a year, and what better time than when you're crawling around the house changing batteries and clocks, anyway?

Aw, come on! I'm sure you can't think of a lovelier way to spend a Sunday morning!

As a final note: All those people who believe you "gain an hour" during one of these changes clearly never had small children, dogs, or Sunday morning jobs.

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elphie said...

We have the same issue at school. All of the clocks are an hour behind.