Monday, September 08, 2008

In the News

Pay Attention on the Road:

This is yet another excellent reason why drivers suck you need to pay extra attention for bicyclists on the roadway. Alejandro Albor doesn't use a regular bicycle. Not having legs tends to make that a little more difficult. So he uses a handcycle. Alejandro was the speaker at the Recreation without Barriers event that SweetPea helped pull together earlier this year. When he's in this bike, doing what he does, he's maybe taller than knee-high to the average person.

Toddler sized.

So Ms. Stop-sign-running-Soccer-Mom... Think about that. You weren't paying attention, and you rammed into something roughly the height of a toddler.

While I could go into a whole rant about stupid, self-absorbed, ignorant, asshat drivers, I'm not. I'm really not in the mood to be that irritated.

So I'm just going to say:

Alejandro... Kick ass. Bring home the gold. You've totally earned it (and, no, not just because some idiot in a mini van ran you down).

Kids having Kids:

An excellent example of why teenagers should not breed.

The parents, 18 and 19 years old, were found driving around with their four week old infant laying in the back seat unrestrained with a pacifier secured to its face with electrical tape.

No charges are being filed against the teeny boppers parents because there appeared to be "no evidence of abuse."



All I can say is: no shit, really? The hot springs were hot?

Good thing y'all took your four year old with you to trespass to the hot springs.

Do we even need to guess if these freaks are going to sue the property owner for not posting signs to warn trespassers that the hot springs are hot?

*Bleeping* Hormones:

Judging from my mood this morning and, more specifically, the way it is dingbatting from happy to crabby, it appears that I may be due for a period soon.

Which will really cheese me off, since we're supposed to go rafting again this weekend.


I find it amusing as hell that spell check wants me to replace "dingbatting" with "ding-a-ling".

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