Saturday, August 02, 2008

Damn Dog

I mentioned earlier in the week that Gomi was gimping on her back leg. Friday morning I get a panicked phone call from SweetPea, saying that Gomi had fallen out of the truck and now she wasn't acting right.

It seems that when MonkeySee put Gomi in the truck, he turned away to shut the door, and as he did, she flopped out and hit the concrete on her back. After that, she just lay there. She was unresponsive to her name and just in general.

This was the point at which I got the panicked, tearful phone call. The last time we had a critter go unresponsive it was Bellatrix, and she was dead within hours.

We took her to the vet, who did a number on that little dog's leg, until she (finally!) yelped at him. He said that it was her hip, that it was most likely sprained. He said there was the possibility of bone spurs, but that he thought a sprain was more likely. Rest, aspirin, and, if she wasn't better in about a week, then we could go the next step and get x-rays.

I had been thinking her issue was in her knee, but hearing it was a hip made her unresponsiveness earlier make so much sense. She'd have landed smack on that hip, on the concrete, about a two foot drop off the truck's seat. OUCH. I'm sure anyone who's had a sprained joint can understand how such a jolt to an injured joint is more than enough to send a body into shock. Thus explaining the unresponsiveness.

The vet we took her to was new to us. The vet at our other clinic was out all week, and they referred us to the new vet. We both liked him a lot. He had that old-school feel to him. He got down on the floor with Gomi to check her leg out, and as soon as he was done and she could get up, she ran circles into him, tail wagging for all it was worth.

When we took her back out to the lobby to check out, she took a giant crap on their floor. Then when the vet tech came out to clean it up, Gomi started barking at her. I don't know, maybe Gomi was particularly proud of that pile.

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