Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Actual Update! What?

Oh, what a long, strange week it's been.

First, let me apologize for the blog pretty much going offline. Maybe I needed a break. Most assuredly I was having some issues formulating thoughts in such a manner as made them postable in a public venue. I mean, one should only use the term "cockwhore" so many times on a "family" blog.


On Friday we went out on what was supposed to be a group adventure. Ghost Hunter had invited a friend that she thought might dig Chief. That alone was no big deal. What turned into a big deal was when Ghost Hunter shanghaied the attentions of both Neighbor and Chief and turned our group adventure into a double date. With staff. Which I thought was totally uncool on multiple levels, and SweetPea and I ended up heading home pretty early that night.

For Saturday, we had multiple event possibilities. Chief had invited us rafting on the river and Ghost Hunter was having a bbq and had invited us along. I was on the rag, and figured that cloth pads + sitting in water = not a good time. SweetPea really wanted to go rafting, though, so I insisted she go. I got everything ready for her and kicked her ass out the door in plenty of time to meet up with Chief and her crew of miscreants kids and their friends. SweetPea took the only running vehicle to do this, which was fine by me. I planned on spending the entire day being lazy, less than sober, and not even kind of leaving the house.

This, of course, meant that not one of us was heading to Ghost Hunter's bbq. I got a text message from Neighbor about it at one point, and I told her that SweetPea was on the river with Chief, and I had no intention on leaving the house. From that point, I didn't hear anything from either Neighbor or Ghost Hunter, and I don't think anyone else did, either. At least not until Tuesday, when I think they both realized that nobody had been in contact with them for days. So they started text messaging SweetPea and Chief, trying to get the scoop. From what I understand, both were asking question after question, but not answering any. Ooh, bad form!

Of course, neither had the nads to try me. SweetPea says it's because they both know that I'm not afraid of confrontation. SweetPea and Chief would both rather avoid it as much as possible. Now, I really don't think there's anything there that needs confronting or causing an argument. I think we just feel that, right now, Neighbor and Ghost Hunter need some space to get their relationship going and to get it on an even keel. Once things have smoothed out, the things between the group should get closer to back to normal. And, also, friendships are two-way streets. If you miss someone, or haven't seen them in a few days when you ordinarily see them every day, you can call to check in, see what's up, how ya doing, I miss you. That's part of friendship. Not maintaining radio silence and then launching an assault on the people least likely to tell you that you've been an asshole and that's why nobody's talking to you.

In still other other news, I am totally not looking forward to back to school night tomorrow, wherein I get to spend 45 minutes sitting in a classroom with the reason I resigned from PTA. Much like Neighbor and Ghost Hunter, though, I'm pretty damn sure she's too chicken shit to try to start shit with me. She prefers talking about me behind my back, because then I can't tell her to her face what a two-faced, backstabbing, controlling, martyr bitch she is.


There I go with the cussing again.

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Wine Dog said...

I think Sweetpea should record your morning mantra.