Monday, June 09, 2008

Wish It Were Sunday

I don't want to go to work. The only reason I'm going to work today is to go on an interview I don't want to go on for a job that I don't want and probably won't be offered.

OK. That and because it's not like I have a hell of lot of leave time. Especially since I'm taking a day off every week this month.

I've got exactly 30 items left for my 101 Things list. I am not including "gimme's" such as "get married" or "get a new job". Or "firebomb Volvo". Because that's cheating and we only cheat on our work to-do list.


Breakfast (or "first breakfast", since I'll eat again after I get to work): one egg, scrambled, large pinch of shredded cheese on a high fiber/low fat english muffin.

Oh, and I tried the mozza on the Bruschetta patties last night. Sadly, the effect was kind of like taking a bite of something really tasty and then dunking my head in the pool. Maybe next time I need to take more effort and get all the water off the cheese.

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elphie said...

Balsamic vinegar on tomatoes is a really good addition, if you didn't already try that.