Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Little Late Now

Last night in the mail we got a little surprise from MonkeyDo's teacher.

A progress report, indicating that she is not meeting grade level standards in any of the math categories.

Um. Excuse me?

There are two days left of the school year. Scratch that. There are one and one-half days left of the school year. She has not had a homework assignment in over a week, and all actual instruction ceased at pretty much the same time. It is too late to get her enrolled in summer school and way too late to do anything about her grade.

So what was the point of sending this home?

When we got the original progress report for this trimester, she was only behind in a couple of areas. Are they really trying to make themselves a case of "oh, well, we told you she was behind" because I'm pretty damn sure this would not qualify as adequate notice.

So help me if she comes home Friday with a notice that she will not be promoted to fourth grade because of her math grade.

I'm sure that it would be in bad form for the Vice President of the PTA to throw a tantrum all over the new principal's desk, but that doesn't mean I won't.

If the issue was this serious, she should have informed us with enough notice for us to actually do something about it. It's not like she & SweetPea haven't been sending notes back and forth all year long, and it's not like she doesn't have about 18 phone numbers she can use to get ahold of us.

In Other News:

I'm wearing my hair down at work today. It has become so uncommon for me to wear my hear down at work that I actually feel naked. Because, you know, I can't possibly be all the way ready to go if my hair isn't up. And I do that before I put clothes on. When I do wear it down, I usually grab something to put it up with later in the day after I get tired of it being down. Today I forgot. I wonder how long it's going to be before I've got binder clips holding my hair up.

Also, my goal today is to not eat 16 Dum Dums.


Gruppie Girl said...

What an irresponsbible teacher! I cannot believe that you got a note home with only two days of school left!

Get on that phone and talk to the teacher, principal, superintendant...anyone to get her into the summer school that she needs.

If all else fails ask for a copy of the math standards for the fourth and fifth grades. The you can help her learn the concepts that she will need to know and maybe a few to give her a boost next year.

If you get stuck check out These are the standards that all public schools math programs should be following.

So sorry...hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

I called the school yesterday... and was made to leave a message for her teacher... They had their class "end-of-the-year-party" at teh local swimming pool... So she wasn't able to get on the horn... I actually waited it out... Like a good parent... But didn't hear back from her...

Guess who's going to be barging into her "Summer" plans today... No celebrating for her teacher until things get figured out...