Thursday, June 05, 2008

Are You Serious?

SweetPea and I have noticed a couple of bumper stickers/license plate frames lately that we take exception to.

Was your first thought that they're anti-gay?

You'd think, wouldn't you?

Nope. Two samples are:

"My kid can beat up your honor student."


"My marine can pick off your honor student at a click and a half."

I mean, seriously, are you proud of that?

"My child is a callow bully and I encourage it daily!"

"My child isn't smart enough to use words as a weapon, so he just uses a rifle, instead!"

I will be the first to admit that I have a rather dark sense of humor, and there are things I find humorous that I just know will land me in hell for snickering at.

There is nothing funny about this.

As prevalent as bullying has become, as often as kids are getting mowed down on school campuses, one would think that this sort of humor would be considered unacceptable.

I can't even imagine the type of parent that would find smart children personally offensive to this degree or feel the need to go this far out of their way to make a mockery of parents who are proud of their children for doing well in school.

Oh, wait... Yes, I can.

Personally, I think we, as parents, should be doing everything in our power to encourage, support and push our children to be smarter than we are, to do better than we are.

I don't want the Monkeys to grow up to be like me. I want them to grow up to be better than me.

I want them to be smarter,  more educated, more socially rounded, more rounded altogether. I feel as though that is my job as a parent.

Not to encourage them to act like a bully or mistreat those who do happen to be smarter than they are or work harder than they do.

Having said that, I totally get a kick out of the "My *dog breed* is smarter than your honor student" stickers. But that's a horse of a different color.


Wine Dog said...

because my Doberman IS smarter than your honor student...

dolphyngyrl said...

No doubt!