Sunday, June 01, 2008

Did You Feel a Bump?

Imagine the following:

You go to work, thinking it's just another normal day. You park your car in the parking lot, just like any other day. You don't think anything of it, because what could happen? Just as your wrapping up your day and getting ready to get back in your car to go home, someone comes running up to you. There's a problem.

Funny, that's not where you remember parking your car.Turns out the driver of this car had a little problem. While trying to turn left from a side street onto a four lane thoroughfare, she had a little navigational malfunction. She managed to whip her car up the sidewalk, over the embankment/grassy knoll dividing the parking lot from the sidewalk, through the parking lot and into your parking space, slamming into your car with enough force to knock your car from it's space, through the adjoining parking space, across the parking lot lane, and almost into a truck on the other side of the parking lot lane. When the car finally came to a rest, its front end was sitting on top of the ass of your car.

The offending vehicle is sitting on the flatbed approximately where your car was parked.

Did I forget to mention the part about how the car also flew over this divider, including through a tree before hitting your car?

On the plus side, you weren't in the car at the time, even though you were almost in the car, and nobody was seriously injured. And lots of people had a really good story to tell afterwards. Unfortunately for you, your story-telling had to include an insurance company.

By the way, I really like my camera phone.

PS: I'd also like to clarify that the only involvement I had here is that SweetPea and I were having lunch at a restaurant attached to the parking lot.

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