Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tooty Fruity

Neighbor and I went here today and got some fresh produce. Not as nice as the local organic farmer's markets, though. When I go to the those, everything is beautiful and fat and fresh. At Denio's, we had to do a fair bit of searching for some things. I was hoping for some avocado, but they were all tiny and hard. There was only one stand with asparagus, and all the buds were open and smooshy. Neighbor looked at the cantaloupes and said they weren't ready.

I did get four fat mangoes, four gorgeous fat artichokes and a mess of purple grapes. Plus carrots and tangerines and some local honey for Monkey See's sandwiches.

I was kind of amazed to see not just the mangoes, but bananas, as well. I didn't know they were grown locally. Then again, that also makes me wonder if they don't carry more than just local produce.

At any rate, Neighbor and I have a date to go to the organic farmer's market at the mall next Saturday. Maybe there'll be peaches. Yum.

I am disappointed that I didn't get any "real" walkies in, and that I didn't get any work done on the house. But it was a good weekend, other than that.

Next week is going to suck because we're down to one vehicle. Again.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our mechanic can get us in soon and that it's the same issue and covered under the warranty. Since we have shit luck, though, I'm not going to hold my breath on either count.

Holy hell, I'm hungry! I guess that happens when the only meal I've eaten is lunch with Neighbor. Oops!

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