Saturday, April 26, 2008

Final Tally

1. Laundry
2. Shower
3. Kite Day
4. Grandma's
5. Dinner @ Lorenzo's
6. Finally home

I saw the body I want to have today. It may not be that unreasonable, since it's not that far from what I looked like at that weight. Rumor has it she works out "hard core" 2.5 hours every day and hardly eats.

Y'all can tell I'm looking forward to that.

I want to make it to the farmer's market tomorrow. I'd really like to get some fresh produce in the house, particularly now that so much is coming into season. I was actually thinking earlier of making smoothies for breakfast. Oh, wait, that's because Jamba Juice was at Kite Day today.

I did get half a flat of strawberries on the way home from grandma's. There are three or four roadside strawberry stands on the road between here and there, so I made SweetPea stop. They're cute little misshapen things, but they're fat and red and fresh and smelled wonderful. I almost feel bad about wanted to whir them up into a smoothy. It's practically a crime against fresh strawberries. The lucky thing about living in northern California, though, is that there are really only a couple of months out of the year where you can't get fresh, local strawberries.

I don't know, though. Right now I'm just really freaking pooped and not terribly excited about another day of getting up early, even though I always get up early, anyway.

Ohmygoodness, am I totally rambly, or what?

What's your favorite smoothie recipe?

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