Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of Spat

Corrections Officer Raped by Prisoner

You probably don't know this, but here at the Verbosery, we have an auntie (ok, we have approximately 892 aunties). This particular auntie, however, happens to work in a correctional facility. Directly with prisoners. And she's not an officer. Our auntie is, also, one of the very few women shorter than ourselves.

Understandably, stories like this make us just a little queasy.

It's not just about our fabulous auntie, though. And it's also not just about this happening to a female officer.

What really sets us off here at the Verbosery is Sheriff John Rutherford's comments that he does not feel that any procedures were violated.

The prisoner was being held in Duval County Jail on charges of murder, premeditated murder, arson, armed robbery, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and battery on a detention officer.

We especially enjoy that last one.

Even though the prisoner was, clearly, a violent offender with probably not a lot left to lose who, also, appears to have no problem harming officers of the law, he was allowed, as are other prisoners, to wander around inside the jail relatively freely. Because, you see, they have an intercom system by which they instruct the prisoners where they need to go and when. The library where the attack happened isn't even monitored by video surveillance.

The victim in this case was armed with what was described as standard correctional officer equipement - pepper spray, handcuffs, and a radio.


That came in handy.

We at the Verbosery are not quite sure how things work in Duval County, but 'round here in the real world, this is what we like to call a real loud wake up call that maybe it's time to re-evaluate our procedures.


Recreation Without Barriers

In case you didn't catch that, I am still totally in awe of what SweetPea is pulling off on this thing.

Mainly what she's in charge of is that part about "Adaptive Sports Demos" and "Accessible Recreation Resources". I understand that we'll have some basketball, soccer, and possibly even some rugby going on out there.

If you have no experience with wheelchair sports, I highly recommend having a movie night and catching Murder Ball.

If you're in the area and can make it down to Sac State for a couple of hours during the middle of a workday, come down and say hi. Just please watch your toes!

Thank Goddess for HagRag!

My uterus has a mighty good sense of humor. My last period was over a full week long and, yet, just two weeks later I'm bleeding again.

I had placed an order with HagRag, expecting that it should have no problems arriving well before my next period. Fortunately it did arrive in time, but only barely.

And, as if she didn't rock hard enough already, Skuld included a little note about how my order made her day. She also included a pair of the double-sized, square rissues in matching fabrics and they are just too cute for words!

Uterus, you are cute & all, but you have kind of outlived your usefullness, and I am so not opposed to sending you on your merry way.

Just saying.

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