Saturday, March 08, 2008

That Thing About the Gym Membership

OK, so the main point of me looking into a gym membership is that, really, the only time I have free to do anything remotely fitness related is in the morning, during my "quiet time". I'd just go for a walk, except that it's pitch freaking dark and, as you may have noticed, it's not like we live in the safest neighborhood. I figured that there was no way I'd feel safe enough to go frolicking through the 'hood at oh-dark-thirty in the morning, so a gym membership was my only hope for getting some movement in.

Too bad there isn't any way for me to able to just go for a walk and not worry about what may be lurking out there in the dark.

Too bad I don't have something like a giant, intimidating-looking dog that could go on walkies with me.


So the other morning it occurred to me that I was, quite possibly, a complete and total dumb shit for not realizing that, if I wanted to walk in the mornings, I could just bring Tatiana, and we'd probably be fine. Sometimes, my brain just doesn't make connections like that.

Thursday afternoon while SweetPea and I were bumming around PetsMart, waiting for it to be time to check Gomi out of lock-up, I bought Tatiana a reflective dog collar. I think my next step is going to be getting one of those big ass Maglite flashlights. That way, I have a light to see by, as well as something to clock someone on the head with, if necessary.

Hey, if it comes down to it, and one of us has to go to jail for assault, I'd feel much better if it was me.

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