Friday, January 04, 2008

This doesn't look like Kansas, anymore...

Gale force winds?

According to, this is what's going on in my neighborhood, right now:

Wind: From SSE at 36 mph
gusting to 48 mph


And I get to leave for work soon for my 17 mile drive with the five overpasses? In a Volvo?



Gruppie Girl said...

All I can hear in my head is the Wizard of Oz tornato music.

I am jealous of your Volvo. My poor station wagaon doesn't have much more life left in it.

Happy driving!

dolphyngyrl said...

I love my Volvo, but she needs some work. Like the windshield wipers and the rotors.


SweetPea stayed home today, so I drove the truck. Feels much safer when it's pouring down rain, people are driving like idiots, and there's various debris falling from the sky.