Friday, January 04, 2008

Because I'm a badass

So there's this fabulous little website I found some time ago that sells skater socks. And that's it. They've got a bunch of different sizes (lengths), and a ton of color combos. They make all their socks themselves in their own factory, right here in the USA (they're not outsourced, no child labor, nada).

And, of course, if you're going to be a badass, you're going to need skater socks.

Plus, ok, SweetPea's excited because she wears the over-the-calf- socks, and likes the ones with stripes and, hi!, how cool is it that they come in so many colors and color combos?

I haven't placed an order yet, because I'm having a hard time convincing my cute little tightwad ass that, really, it's ok to pay $13 plus shipping for a pack of socks because, hello!, they're not just socks, afterall.

OK, plus, I managed to get myself hung up on the idea of double layering the socks. So between that and the fact that there is no way I could place an order without then getting the same number for Sweetpea, I'm kind of hesitating. I need to wind my brain back down a little to the place where, really, it's ok if I get us each a pack right now, and then maybe another pack next month. And every month thereafter for the rest of my life.



So I started simple yesterday by creating a wishlist. And because this page seems to randomly turn into a wishlist/shopping list page, I thought I'd share it all with y'all.

From this page:

And from this page:


In other news, we're having a big old storm. I was told there would be gale force winds, lots of rain, and low snow elevations. I can hear it going good out there, and I am so not looking forward to driving to work.

Since the lights just started flickering, I think I'll wrap this up now, just in case.

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