Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Revolutions, Week One

Well, it's January 8th. One whole week into the new year. Let's see how we're doing on our goals, shall we?

1. Eat less. Move more. HA. So hitting PMS right out of the chute didn't help much. Let's just say that the Wine Dog has her Body For Life, and apparently I have a Body Of Cake. Tomayto, tomahto.

2. Rough draft by June. This means I should probably at least open the document at some point?

3. Every. Day. Clearly not.

4. Work daily towards reducing our impact on the environment. Well, ok, so we have cut back on the fast food a lot, which I know totally helps. So, I guess that's a bonus. Otherwise, pretty much no more so than usual.

5. Work towards the two-year plan. Um. In a half-assed, kinda sorta way. Um. OK.

6. No fast food. By "no" we appear to mean "less". Which is working out ok. Ish.

I am so glad these were goals, and not resolutions, because if they were resolutions I'd be feeling pretty low right now. Because they're goals, it's ok that I didn't wake up perfect on January 1st. I'm working towards a goal.

And I'm ok with that.

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Give me 3 freaking paragraphs.....3 freaking paragraphs....come on.....