Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday again, already?

So I took a little hiatus over the weekend. I'd like to blame it on the storms that have been slamming Northern California, but, really, it was sheer lazy on my part. OK, and a distinctly lowered amount of time spent in front of the computer.

Saturday we trekked out to grandma's, bypassing many uprooted trees, Charlie horse, and Our Dream Home (which weathered the storm impressively well). Once there, I spent the afternoon working away at some seriously belated collaborative art projects and catching up on some snail mail. Sunday morning we ventured out to Ikea for breakfast, and did not get home again until 7:30 at night. SweetPea kicked my ass shopping, and when she brought up going to one more store I looked at her straight in the eyes and informed her I would kill her dead. When she offered to wait in the truck while I ran in, the only response I had for her was "dead".

I have not been totally slack in my duties, however. You may not know this, but posts are always composing themselves in my head, which would come in super handy if I could ever remember the damn things.

Other than that, I was reading between the lines over at Gruppie Girl's place, and stumbled upon a little... well, I guess it's almost a meme, only for prizes! A person will post on their blog, offering up a gift of whatever variety as pleases the blogger to the first three commenters, provided that the recipients of the gifts then do the same.

I thought that was an excellent idea, but wasn't sure it was entirely my speed. I prefer to give the fun that keeps on giving.

So my little brain hamster whirred mightily over the weekend, and I will soon be unveiling a new Friday Feature.

Product Review with Prizes!

Every other Friday, I will post a product review of some thing I have found somewhere, and then there will be a contest/raffle/thing wherein you, dear reader, have a chance to win - totally FREE! - your very own sample of the reviewed product.

The products in question will come from any variety of sources - Etsy, the Internet At Large, or even random Stores About Town. My goal is to keep the products reviewed to things that you may actually be able to purchase, should you wish to. For example, while I totally love Noble Vegetarian, it would be completely unrealistic to send a gift certificate to someone in Wyoming, as the Noble Vegetarian only has the one location.

Our new Friday Feature will start either this Friday or next Friday, depending on whenever Hottie the Postwoman deigns to give me a package! (Some of you are going to have a totally different take on that than others - ha ha)

Obviously, I will keep you updated, and if you have any suggestions for a product you'd like to see reviewed, let me know. Here in the Verbose World, we do what we damn well feel like aim to please.


Gruppie Girl said...

I let Errika know that you like her game. Very cool!

Prize sugesstions....your Volvo, housecleaning for a year, a trip to Ireland, new episodes of Gilmore Girls, someone to paint my house.

I'll keep thinking.

dolphyngyrl said...

You know, I'll totally send you my little housecleaning elf. He doesn't do a damn thing, anyway.