Monday, January 14, 2008

Reason #83 Why I Love Neighbor

"Damn Cowboys lost. Stupid football!"

You have to picture that in the most dejected voice possible.

She just cracks me up!

Neighbor is affectionately referred to as "my girlfriend", and we meet in her driveway at least once a day for a smoke. When the weather's decent, we have driveway parties over at her place.

Yesterday I was discussing with codejnki some issues he's having with the girl he's dating, and I realized something kind of funny. When I feel like it's time for a smoke, I send Neighbor a text message. If she doesn't respond, I'll call her twice and then knock on her door.

Stalker, much?

Then again, it's not like I don't know if she's available or not. So I guess that makes me only mildly stalkerish.

Ha ha.

By the way, it would be super if someone other than the WineDog would enter the damn contest. Maybe it would help y'all to know that you can win more than one contest? So it's not like if you win this one, you can't win the next one if you like the prize better.

Speaking of prizes, I am currently in posession of a total of prizes for four future Friday Contests. Of course, if nobody is interested in Friday Contests, I can use them for something else.

(Friday Contest, by the way, runs every other Friday.)

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