Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Contest Winner Announcement

OK, so I know that I'm a little late with the announcement for the contest. However, we had such massive participation that it became quite the chore to choose a winner.

In what is, quite possibly, the story of my life, nobody who could even remotely be described as an "entrant" into the contest seemed actually interested in the eye shadow for the purposes of using said eye shadow.

Because, apparently, I have no girlie friends whatsofreakingever.

(Which is the part about the story of my life)

So, after careful consideration, I will be shipping off the eye shadow to the Wine Dog, who will look ravishing, I'm sure.

I don't even need the Wine Dog's address because, seriously, I am that much of a super stalker.

The next Friday contest will be announced next Friday, January 25th, which is also known as thedaymybabyboycomeshomefromcampandImakehim


Or something like that.

I have prizes to get me through the next four Friday Contests, so that means my indecisive ass will need to actually pick which one it will be. The decision will be made much easier, however, by the fact that some prizes will "keep" better than others. Some prizes are made fresh to order and, while they won't spoil, are best used when fresh.

I hope there is more interest in next week's prize package.

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