Friday, January 25, 2008

Etsy Review - Product Update

Wash the Day Away - An Update

Just over a month ago, I reviewed two products from Wash the Day Away - and Coffee Scrub. And I just know y'all are hanging on the edge of your seats to see how the products worked out long term.

The Coffee Scrub I just adore. The bumps never completely went away, though. Personally, I'm going to blame that on winter. The smell of the scrub is simply divine and it's got a staying power that's fabulous. I don't believe I've ever used a product in the shower that still smelled that strongly when I got home at night. It left my skin smooth and soft and well moisturized.

As for the Black Honey Soap... Well, there just aren't enough good things I can say about it. My face has been virtually acne-free since I started using it. I've even had my period, which usually brings a cluster-fuck of zits, and only got one zit the entire time. My skin is softer, smoother, more "matte" and definitely more clear.

I use it in the shower and use it to wash off my eye makeup, as I've done with every other face wash ever. This is the first time, however, I've been able to open my eyes after they're good and soaped up. No burning, no stinging, nothing. It doesn't even taste that bad, so if you get in your mouth - no worries.

I know it sounds like I'm gushing, but, really, I cannot say enough good things about Black Honey Soap. It really is that good.

In fact, I recently placed an order for another bar, so that I wouldn't risk running out. While I was at it, I ordered some of her Euphoria Dream Balm. I've always had a bad time remembering dreams, and when I do remember them, it's only bits and pieces. I figured it would be good for a bit of fun. I did notice that I remembered my dreams better when I used the Balm. However, it didn't help at all on nights when I got very little sleep. Of course, that's probably my bad, and I may just not have dreamed at all those nights. I do like it and I'm glad I got it.

I also tried a small sample of her Yarrow Patchouli Facial Moisturizer. It's lightweight, which means it smooths right in and doesn't sit on my skin. I like that a lot, because otherwise it makes me feel hot and kind of clammy. I think I used more than the "suggested" amount, but my skin sucks it right in. Plus, I've always ended up using more than the "suggested" amount of things. That is, apparently, my disfunction.

The only thing I didn't care for is that there isn't sunscreen in it. Then again, I'm sure the need for sunscreen is just some paranoia induced by the makeup companies, so I'm sure I'll get over that.

I will most likely be getting a bottle of this when I place my next order. I finally ran out of my sample yesterday, and I was really sad to be putting on my regular, clammy, store moisturizer this morning.

And, y'all... Not only are her products superb, but it is actually a treat to work with her. I know that it's a lot more likely to get good customer service at sites like Etsy, but Wash the Day Away definitely provides stand-out service.

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