Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not that kind of girl

My purse is about to give up the ghost, as it were.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It is almost two years old and has been through some serious wear and tear. And the washer. More than once.

I'm totally not one of those people that have a bunch of purses and change them out based on my outfit, the season, where I'm going, whatever. I have a purse. It goes with me everywhere I go and then some. Changing things out would just mean I'd miss something important, leave something out, put everything in one purse and snatch up the other on the way out the door.

You know.

So purse shopping, for me, is pretty frustrating because my purse has got to do everything I need it to do, all by its little lonesome. There's no "well, this is my going to PTA purse" or "this is my work purse" or "this is my going out purse" so my one purse has to do all those things and carry all that stuff and not make me crazy with the losing shit and the not being able to get to shit.

The purse I have now is perfect. It holds a surprising amount of stuff for being so small. It also has lots of pockets, pouches and compartments which means I'm totally not going to lose the little items.

I'm definitely going to miss it. And the hunt for a new one is definitely not going to make me feel better about its passing.

Stupid purse.

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Gruppie Girl said...

I feel for you!

Personally, I am mostly a wristlet girl. Everything I need has to fit inside of it. It has to be strong. And it has to be cute.

Last year my favorite red wristlet went to that special wristlet heaven in the sky. My mother-in-law replaced it for Christmas with an expensive one with the brand logo all over it.

I'm not in love with my "new" wristlet", but it will have to do until my dream wristlet comes along.

(do you think I write the word "wristlet" enough?)