Friday, December 07, 2007

Google Keywords

Google keywords for the week of December 1 through December 7, 2007:

"noble vegetarian" Y'all may have figured that out from the way I posted about it earlier this week. Tied to this is the search for "'noble vegetarian' sacramento"

And then we have the search for "what does being prepared for class mean". I hope this person found what they were looking for. I really, really hope it, because the person was surfing the internet by way of a district school board!

There was also a search for " when something is granola that means". Hopefully the definition I linked to helped them out a little bit. Since they were logging in from Oregon, I'm guessing they are pretty familiar with all things granola.

More and more people are interested in finding out more about "'wakey wakey'". Since y'all seem so interested, the phrase came about in our house from the way I would wake up the Monkeys. I turn on the light and shout "Wakey wakey! Chicken bakey!"

By the way, even though I haven't done that in some time because it's rare that I need to get both of them up at the same time, anymore, it still wakes both of them up right quick, no matter how quietly I say it.

Finally, someone else seems to agree with me about the "Saturday morning post". Either that or they were looking for pictures from that one magazine and just didn't get the name right.



Gruppie Girl said...

How did you figure that out?

I would love to find out how people are getting to my blog.

Can you give me a little tutorial?

dolphyngyrl said...

Ah, a tutorial! Great idea for a Saturday post... I will work on that manana.