Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just START already

So my period should have started by Friday. Saturday at the latest.

Because I am that regular.

I think that the stress of preparing for Saturday's Harvest Festival pushed it back, though, and it's finally gearing up today. My joints ache, I'm agitated and restless and I should not be reading the news.

I'm also sleepy and pretty damn crabby.

I told SweetPea that when we buy The Farm, I want to get a yurt and deck it out for PMS. Make it just for being on the rag. A place to get away and have some peace and get to be the big, hormonal mess we turn into.

I think she thinks I'm kidding.

Yes, we are still waiting for a cord. I know you're not surprised. Something is supposed to happen this evening, though. If it doesn't, I will be calling. And I will not be happy. Or nice.

And, y'all... I'll be on the rag.

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