Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adventures in Limbo

SweetPea and I are still in limbo regarding a functioning computer. The power cord on the laptop finally gave completely, and we are waiting on hp to supply a replacement. We contacted them on September 17th and the order for a replacement was placed. I called them on October 8th because no replacement had arrived, and was told that it would be delivered on October 10th. On October 12th, when we still had no cord, I called again. It took the two of us the better part of an hour to establish that the cord was "backordered" and that we would not be receiving it until October 26th.

Isn't that nice?

I've decided that we will never be purchasing another hp. Ever. Ever. Again.

We have had nothing but trouble with hp products. Which is not to say that neither of us has the touch of death with computers, because, totally, one of us does. But I think there are products out there that can handle it a little better than hp apparently can. Plus, it seems like hp comes up with it's own issues unrelated to the touch of death.

And that's just the opposite of helpful.

So currently we're waiting on the off chance that hp might be following through with their word and taking care of business. I'm not actually holding my breath, though. If we're still without a cord by the end of the month, I'll break down and pay for one.

In the meantime I'm frustrated. I have internet access at work, but there are a lot of blocks on there. I miss my internet! I miss being able to check in on blogs, livejournal. I miss being able to pop on and check out the BME wiki because I want to get some information.

In other news, the change of weather and sunlight is really throwing my internal clock for a loop. Getting up in the morning is becoming an adventure, and I've taken to having naps before even getting into the shower. I wake up so hard and I'm so cold and, frankly, it's kind of annoying. I think I'm waking up mid-REM, when my core temperature hasn't started to rise yet, so I'm really cold and my eyelids just refuse to stay open. Then I spend my entire morning wanting nothing more than to cuddle into something warm, sip hot cocoa, and doze to a good movie.

You know what I mean?

I love fall, but I wish I didn't have to leave for work!

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