Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taco Tuesday at The Plum Cafe & Bakery

Yes. Again.

What can I say? The Plum is one of the few places in Sacramento I can go and know that I can order food that is gluten free and doesn't contain any secret meat. So while I won't necessarily go out of my way to eat there (because it's largely out of my way to eat there), I am totally down to give it a try when I can.

So when I invited msyelf to help Simply Luscious Catering taste test gluten free cupcakes, I knew there was absolutely one thing I had to try.

(I totally stole this photo from the Plum)

Taco Tuesday.

I ordered their potato taco and their BBQ Tofu taco. They came out looking pretty similar to this photo. Except, you know. There were two tacos and not three.

The tacos were good, y'all. Really good. So good it inspired me to institute Taco Tuesday at my house (with slightly less stellar success)(alas).

The tortillas were perfect, soft, not super dry the way they can get, and they held together against the filling (am I the only one plagued by tortilla rippage?). The potatoes were crispy and the BBQ Tufo was tangy and sweet, both were just the right amount of warm. Topped with veggies and a kicky, flavorful sauce, each bite was a mixture of flavors, textures, and temperatures that played very nicely together.

Paired up with a Happy Hour Gluten Free Beer (huzzah!), and it was a Tuesday delight I can't wait to repeat.

Of course we were there for the cupcakes. As I've said before, their cupcakes are fantastic. They taste neither gluten free nor vegan, but are moist, decadent and rich. The frosting mimics buttercream or cream cheese frosting almost perfectly, without feeling weird or gritty in your mouth. Disregarding labels, these are amazing cupcakes.

Pictures were a given, although I totally wish I'd thought to take photos of my tacos for you. It was an overcast afternoon, so we had to do some funky things to get the shots, all the while giggling about "fucking food bloggers!".

It was the beer. Honest.

Fwd: Cupcake Photos
Banana chocolate chip, carrot cake & lemon lavendar

Fwd: Cupcake Photos
Carrot cake innards

Fwd: Cupcake Photos
Lemon lavendar innards

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