Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Impromptu Camping

I took a furlough day on Monday and asked SweetPea if we could take a day trip to the ocean.

Then MonkeyDo upped the ante and asked if we could go camping. We haven't been in years. We'd been talking about going again, about a quick overnighter to test run Camping With Dogs. We hadn't planned a "when" yet.

But something about MonkeyDo asking made it seem so clear and so easy.

On our way! 1
So off we went!
On our way! 2

Bixby: Expert Contortionist
Bixby keeps an eye on his people.

Setting up camp!
Setting up camp. Dogs are cute but not helpful.

All set up!
All set up in record time.

Home Sweet Rawr
Our tent is huge* and our bed is swank.

Chuck Norris Dog only looks like he's sleeping.
SweetPea finally has a dog curled at her feet while sitting by the fire**.

"I didn't know there was a resealable end!"
MonkeyDo opened the wrong end of the carrots.

Chasing Sunset: a random mini run through the dunes.
I wanted to take a snap of the sunset, but it led to a mini run through the dunes with MonkeyDo.

Couldn't find the camping lantern.
We couldn't find the camping lantern, but a jug of water and a headlamp did the trick.

Chuck Norris Dog had a loooong night.
It was a long night for Chuck Norris Dog, who was clearly unsure of this new sleeping arrangement.
He spent quite a bit of time shoving his throat under my hand before finally settling down.

Now that's a good "wait"!
Here Chuck Norris Dog demonstrates a very good "Wait" for his breakfast.

Gomi helps pack up the tents.
Gomi uses "zoomies" to help pack up the tents. It was not very effective.

Gomi, you've got a little something on your face, there..
Gomi likes to sniff and lick at things on the ground. She's not so good at wiping her mouth later.

The Monkeys wanted to climb this. I said no.
The Monkeys dragged me on a hike through the dunes. I told them I wasn't climbing this.

But then I did. Ta da!
But then I did!

When I got to the top, I found this.

The dogs are done.
Waiting for us to finish loading the van.

It was a fun, quick trip, and we're already thinking about going longer. Success!

*Thanks, dad!

**I'm not sure this was a goal of hers, but ta da!

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