Monday, June 11, 2012

Ten Things I Loved About May

Because there has been a decided lack of blog posts and because that's largely due to the high level of cranky that's been lodged in my brain, I've decided to steal the idea that Tami stole and tell you all about the:

Ten Things I Loved About May

1. Getting Back on Track

Don't get me wrong, I loved teacher training. But it was a huge time commitment, and it was really nice to actually have mostly free weekends again. What I liked best about how this worked out is that it was like resetting my weekend agenda so I could fill it back up with new and different routines than I was stuck in before. It's been pretty fucking awesome.

2. Midtown Out Loud

There's something pretty amazing about watching someone you love and believe in read her own work out loud in front of strangers.

First time reader at Midtown Out Loud!

3. Date Night

I've been waiting years to see this. It was one of those things that I figured, "one day", we'd make the trip down to The City and see it. I am so glad it came here & that we got to go.

Opening night!

4. All Bodies Yoga

Assisting this class meant giving up the Monday night class I was assisting. I was kind of bummed, because I enjoyed assisting that class. But All Bodies Yoga? Has been such a phenomenal blessing. I am grateful every Monday to be able to share this journey with these students. They are amazing, brave, and inspiring, and it is an honor to be there with them.

All Bodies Yoga

5. Bodega Bay

One of the best things we did on our first free weekend was throw the dogs in the van and head to the ocean. It had been too long since we'd had any sort of adventure, and this one was just right.


6. My Precious!

My favorite cup, which had served me for almost five years, was broken when I dropped it - not once but twice - on concrete. My perfect cup had been discontinued and lesser models had replaced it in stores over the years. By sheer stroke of genius timing, Starbucks had reintroduced My Precious! the way that my original had been built. What's better is that my new one is bigger than my original.

Look what arrived today! My Precious!!

7. Carson City

It was a really long day, but in our further adventures of We Miss Road Trips!, we packed the Monkeys up and drove up Interstate 80 through Reno to Carson City, Nevada, picked Grandfather up, and then drove home on Highway 50 through South Lake Tahoe. Along the way we stopped at a rest stop that still had snow (none of which you see behind us in this photo), checked out a store specializing in "chocolate nuggets", and ate at a casino buffet.

Me & She

8. Bixby!

He was such a good dog, no matter where we dragged him off to. He can still be a shithead, but he's been a joy to have around.

He's a shithead, but he's worth it.

9. BBQ at the Park

We celebrated SweetPea's birthday with a BBQ at the park and invited everyone we knew. We had a terrific turnout, a long day of cooking, eating, and laughing. A solar eclipse even turned out for the occasion.

10. Flowers!

We have a corner shelf above our bed, and I've started filling it with flowers. Every week when I do the shopping, I grab a buoquet to fill the vase that sits there. Some weeks, I get really lucky and the flowers are gorgous for days (the gladioulas were amazing!), and sometimes, I'm not so lucky (this week's roses flopped within hours). Regardless, I have very much enjoyed having beautiful fresh flowers in our room.

What are your favorite things about May?

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Tami (Teacher Goes Back to School) said...

yay for may!

i will make it to your all bodies class some monday night. still coordinating child care for the wee one.

i already started my june post today and it got me out of a funk. who knew?