Thursday, March 01, 2012

Vacillation - Sweat Style

I keep coming back to this.

I really want to do it, but it also really scares me.

I'm going to try reading various blogs about it and see if that helps me make a decision. So far, though, blogs I've read from people who have done this have done it as a team. I don't really have a team. I know some people who are apparently going to do it. Maybe that counts? I don't know.

In related news, my Crossfit groupon expires on Saturday and, no, I haven't activated it. I did, however, drive out there, sit in the parking lot and drive home. I mean. That counts, right?

I have no idea why it scares me so much. But I do know that the workouts I'm doing at the gym aren't cutting it anymore. I'm consistently waking up the next morning and not feeling like I worked out the day before. To me that's like a wasted day. Obviously it's time for more.

Now if I can only psyche myself into the more that I need.

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