Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

I got the weekend started with a three mile run past the few Christmas lights displays that run until dawn:

Seen on my run

Under a lunar eclipse:

Going... #lunareclipse #seenonmyrun

Then MonkeyDo & I headed to Auburn to watch the lottery drawing for the Western States 100:

WS100 Lottery

I've never been to anything like this and it was an amazing experience. If memory (and my vision) serves, the gentleman in the pink chair in the above photo is Gordy Ainsleigh, the first person to ever run the 100.2 mile course that is the Western States Endurance Run on a lark after his horse went lame.

2012 Western States 100 - Local Edition #ws100
A group shot of the 2012 WS100 runners in attendance.

After the drawing was over, we got to stay and watch Unbreakable: The Western States 100. The experience was made even better because the filmmaker, JB Benna, was not only in attendance, but had been selected to run the 2012 WS100.

For those of you who are not crazy ass runners, getting in to the Western States Endurance Run requires first qualifying by running another ultra within a specified time and then entering the lottery. Typically a runner in the lottery has about a 10% chance of being selected. It's definitely a big deal to get in.

After lunch, we set to work making it out like it was Christmas or something:

It's like Christmas or something! photo.JPG

Sunday was a little more laid back. SweetPea and MonkeyDo spent some more time outside refining the decor. They had help from Gomi. It's nice to know we have one dog we can let loose in the front yard that won't run away.


Back at work today and working on my fluid intake. OK, fine. So maybe coffee doesn't "count", but you really don't want me to not have it. Trust me.

I may be in the bathroom all day.

That's my fancy new water bottle. It's glass. And kind of heavy. I've had it four days now & I'm kind of surprised it's still in one piece.

Because, as you know, I don't own anything I haven't dropped.

This is so not going to end well.

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