Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Unfortunate Accident

On Friday, SweetPea & I took Gomi for a day trip to the ocean to spend the day with some friends and their Boxer.

Gomi goes bye bye!

We had an amazing time that included lunch, lounging, laughing, running, talking, dinner, cannolis and fog.

Our amazing time also included forgetting one of my Vibrams at home (really, me?), not flying any kites at all, not even the brand new one SweetPea just bought, and an unfortunate accident involving my cell phone and a surprisingly rambunctious wave.

My cell phone's toast.

It's currently sitting in a bag filled with rice and hope.

It's not even regular, plan rice, because that would be too easy. That, my friends, is for normal people who eat normal things.

Not for us.

My phone & its parts are currently residing in a bag filled with Trader Joe's Brown Rice Medley. Because that's the only rice we have.

I really hope this works, because, among numerous other reasons that not having a cell phone makes me twitchy, I otherwise have no alarm clock that works on weekends. Well. I also set three alarms on my phone on weekdays, too.


What do you mean "maybe you should get more sleep"?

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