Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Derail into Crankville

I know that some of you have been around long enough to remember when the Pet Peeve of the Morning made a regular appearance. I haven't written about them in awhile, in part, because I don't want the crabbier parts of life to be my focus. There will probably always be things that annoy me and I can choose to focus on them & give those things that power over me or I can choose to let them go and focus on something more positive.

Besides, who wants to hang out with the cranky, snarky girl, anyway?

OK, fine. I know who wants to hang out with the cranky, snarky girl and it's just people who end up perpetuating the cranky snark until it's a self-perpetuating circle of crabtasticness that I really don't feel the need to be a part of anymore. Sure, a vent-fest is good every now & again, but not all the damn time!

However, inspired by this post, here's a totally random list of things that are pissing me off right now.

1. Wood isn't food - Did you know that the "cellulose" you see on the ingredients list of food products comes from wood? As in "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck" wood. Which, near as I can tell, humans weren't meant to or built to eat. In fact, they totally admit that it's completely  indigestible and non-nutritive. It's just cheap filler. Dude. I don't even feed my dogs cheap filler. Why the fuck would I feed it to my children? This article has me fighting the urge to read all the nutrition labels from everything I bought at the grocery store this past weekend. I don't even want to know, but I'm definitely adding this to the list of things I'm looking for on ingredient labels.

2. From the same people, The Great Cancer Hoax. Not that cancer's a hoax, but that the billions of dollars we as tax payers and charity donaters dump into the fight against cancer goes to anything that might actually help. The only treatments being approved for the fight against cancer are really expensive and highly toxic. As someone whose genetics make her a ticking time bomb waiting for a cancer diagnosis, it pisses me off that simple, effective treatments are being ignored because they don't provide a big enough profit base. And, no. You shouldn't be surprised. Because in America, everything is about the all mighty profit margin, and if you think that the government isn't assisting Big Business in this, you are definitely deluded.

3. I totally don't believe the sob story that Big Farmer can't figure out how to produce strawberries without chemicals. Maybe we in America will have to get used to the fact that not all produce is or should be available all year long, but I'm pretty sure we can still grow produce without chemicals. And it seriously pisses me off that regular and "organic" produce are grown the same way. Now please explain how "organic" is so much more expensive.

Items like 1 through 3 are why I harbor the not-so-secret desire to go completely off-grid and be self sufficient. Sure I have fantasies of a large plot of land and commune style living. Sue me. If you have a problem with that, you're not invited.

4. Sacramento drivers fucking suck. Dudes, I totally thought it was just me. That I was the only sane driver in Sacramento, the only one who saw what crazy, lame, pains in the ass other Sacramento drivers were, but no! Because every time I've checked this site, Sacramento's been number one in road frustration.

5. Finally, in a question posed by Jess, why the fuck do we, as a society, feel compelled to provide commentary on the lives, weight or eating styles of perfect strangers? Now, I would expect a friend, family member or loved one who knew me and my general habits and lifestyle to discuss with me a concern they may have about my health, because these are people I expect to a) Know the bigger picture and b) actually have my best interests at heart. But perfect strangers? Bug off, it's not your business.


Now hopefully I can go on about my life and look for the joy instead of focusing on the dumb crap.


Syrlinus said...

Let me know when the commune is a go. K and I and the furrkids are well overdue to escape from the moronic-ness of society.

Word Verification: rosest. Not so much.

dolphyngyrl said...

Linus, you, K and the furrkids are totally invited.