Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workout Wednesday

For no apparent reason, last Saturday's Yoga in the Park was hard. My arms & shoulders didn't want to play & I was modifying poses I hadn't had to modify for awhile. My legs didn't want to play, my quads hated the lunges and the warriors. I was so miserable and couldn't figure out why it was so hard and I really didn't want to do it anymore.

Then, inexplicably, I was able to grab my foot in dancer's pose for the first time ever without the assistance of a strap.

Photo by Cheryl Neufeld

I have no idea why I had that sudden breakthrough, but there it was! And it made the class - that didn't get any easier for me - so much better.

Sunday, I knew I had to get a six mile run in. Knew. My runs have sucked so much lately that I was not looking forward to it. When I got out there, though, I found the run so much easier than I anticipated. It was long, it was hot, it sure was ouchie, to a degree, but it was so much easier, better and more fun than my recent runs. I ended that run feeling great! Strong, fast and energized.

I know I have a lot of change, growth and work ahead of me. I know I am not perfect. I know I"m not as committed to my workout schedule as I should be. But a random reminder of how awesome this can be was just what I needed. I needed the reminder that growth comes from destruction. That, sometimes, some things seem harder because other things are becoming easier.

I love how awesome this is.

I may have discussed my fascination with (and fear of) CrossFit here before. Today's Groupon deal is for local CrossFit gyms. I am definitely checking it out, but because each gym is independent, I'm having a hard time choosing which one to go to (you select the location when you purchase the groupon). The main gyms under consideration (due to their closeness to home) are:

Rocklin CrossFit

CrossFit Roseville

CrossFit Anywhere - You may remember that I featured Blair's blog in my post on Sacramento Food & Fitness Blogs

I'm totally stumped! No stranger to indecision, for sure, but I'm hoping to make a decision and get this started as soon as possible.

What factors would you look at in making this decision?

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Susan said...

convenience would be the biggest factor....because if it isn't easy to get to, I won't go! (ah heck, I am not going anyway but if I WERE going to go, that would be important)

and I almost sent you the link this morning but figured you had to be getting tired of that! lol!