Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letters to the Universe

I put an intention out into the Universe... A passing though, a simple reflection, a directionless comment.

I miss having a tribe.

You know that group of friends you can count on, never far, always game, supportive, understanding.

While neither SweetPea nor I have ever been truly friendless, it has been some time since we have had what could be described as a tribe of our very own.

We've gone through a rough patch, SweetPea & I, these past of couple of years. For various reasons, we have turned away & been turned away from. In a lot of ways, this was necessary. It allowed us to conserve the strength to move through some things. It allowed us the space and peace to resolve some issues without being beholden to those outside our family.

Make no mistake, there have been times with it has felt very much like the four of us against the world and the world very truly against the four of us.

In the last year or so, we've more out into the world, creating and strengthening connections, forging friendships. While we aren't near what could really be described as a tribe, I feel truly blessed to have connected with some amazing people.

I am amazed by what the Universe provides when we set an intention and then listen for the answer.

What do you seek?


Syrlinus said...

Actually, that's something that K and I seek. It's been hard for her especially as she left a dear friend behind in NYC and has had no luck in finding friends that feel dear to her in L.A.

So I truly do sympathize with you.

Susan said...

I am always jealous of those people who have had best friends since kindergarten or whatever. just guess it was never like that for me!

dolphyngyrl said...

I have friends that I've known for years and years, but mostly they're not local & they're the ones you catch up with every few months. It seems like it's hard, as an adult, to make and keep those really good, deep friendships. And so often people you feel like you can trust come with their own agendas that you maybe can't trust so much.

Also I'm sick right now & probably shouldn't be writing. Ha! Oops.