Monday, August 08, 2011


Life is about choices. Sometimes those choices are as easy as choosing between the new panties and the feminine hygiene products. Sometimes you have to choose between living in sunshine or shadows. Each feeds us in ways and each steals from us in ways. We need each to be truly whole.

I have to say that I had the most phenomenal impromptu summer break possibly ever. And I actually have a couple of meaty blog posts coming up for you. Imagine that!

I'm also kind of disappointed that the real summer break draws to a close soon. I love my Monkeys and I have a thoeretical fondness for school and the start of the new school year, but, in practical terms, I really am not looking forward to this. It blows.

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Ursa Minor said...

I never wanted school to start again, too much work for Moms. Not to mention start-of-school supplies and clothes. And farewell to those leisurely summer evenings with no homework. :(