Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yay for Saturday!

Oh, look! Pictures!


I've never done it before, but I randomly checked my "klout" score this week and it turns out that I'm an influencer in the topics of Vegetarianism, Beer and Irony. The extended topics list includes Austin, marathons and college. What?!?

By the way, I'm totally digging klout's random irony. I'm not even sure it's on purpose.

From Dulcie's book. WHAT?!?

I don't know what the heck book MonkeyDo was reading, but "Big Johnson BONE" sounds pretty dirty to me. Funny. But dirty.

Who's handsome?!?
Freshly bathed, how handsome is he?


Here's Mr. Bixby from the back. SweetPea just pulled up and that was way more interesting than anything I had going on. Mostly I like this because it's going to make a great comparison shot in a few months.


MonkeySee & I discovered these fans in Best Buy the other day. They are really awesome - and by "awesome" I mean quirky & neat - but if I'm paying $300 for a fan, it had better actually chill the air and not just blow it around.

Justise explaining his love for things with chilli.

This is MonkeySee, explaining his preference for items covered in chili. Check out the fierce watch tan-line on his wrist. I'll bet you didn't think such a fishbelly white redhead could develop color other than "freckle", did you?

Fwd: Dulcie Graduates 6th Grade (AW!)

A very fuzzy MonkeyDo graduating sixth grade. All the other girls were wearing fancy dresses. Mine? T-shirt and shorts. There was a group of girls who would randomly yell out "You're so pretty!" and "I like your dress!" when the girls they liked were on stage. If I'd known this was going to be happening, I'd have yelled "You're so smart and brave and awesome!" Because pretty is nice, but Awesome stands the test of time.

And wrinkles and baby fat.

So I wasted almost an hour hunting through over 4,000 photos from last Sunday's 5K and, do you know what? I couldn't find one of me. The fuck? How does that happen?


By the way, the Summer of Sweat officially starts this morning. I've purchased my very first ever "New Student Pass" and have registered for classes for every day of the pass.

Including two the very first day (today). Plus a long run.

I am going to die.

I love you guys! I hope you all remember me fondly!

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