Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twitter and Freebies

Remember that one time when I told you all about the inadvertent awesomeness of twitter?

Apparently I'm not even done, yet!

For starters, one of my favorite local business tweeters, aka my gym, had a twitter contest not too long back and I was one of the winners!

I love @calfit! Thank you! #winning

That there is a gift card in the amount of $OneCalFitBrandedTankTop. Which is super awesome, because I'd totally been eyeballing that tank top ever since I discovered it actually came in my size.

One of my newest twitter besties is Sam of Sacto Food & Insurance (you might remember I mentioned him here).

Not too long ago, Grandfather received notice that his homeowner's insurance was unceremoniously dropping him. A couple of tweets later and Sam was connected with SweetPea and Grandfather, and a new Homeowner's Policy was born.

Pretty sweet, right?

What's even sweeter is that Sam is hosting seminar called Dinner and a Deductible. It's an informational seminar on auto insurance, including how your coverage works, how to get coverage that suits your needs and how to save money.

The best part? If you RSVP in time, the Dinner part of Dinner and a Deductible is free.

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of free dinner. Add decoding legalese and learning how to save money and I think that adds up to a pretty nice evening. Right?

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SactoFoodAndInsurance said...

So, apparently, I DID do something right. Thanks for the shout-out!