Monday, June 06, 2011


When Bixby first came home, his toenails were so short & jacked up I was concerned that they were permanently damaged.


In the last few days, though, I've noticed that his nails are now long, strong and glossy. His coat is pretty glossy, as well, although he does have a lingering dandruff issue. I was warned that it could be up to a full year before he finally fills out completely, but I've had to add a link back to his prong collar, so I know we're moving forward.

Bixby & Crate #2

By happenstance, SweetPea discovered Bixby's absolute delight with a stuffed skull toy that I bought for Gomi after Halloween. It has a voicebox that makes this lingering evil cackle and that makes him so happy.


We've since added a quacking duck to the arsenal and, between the two, Bixby is a happy, happy boy who can't decide which toy he should show you when you come in through the door.

Life is still not completely peaches and cream with the dog that's, apparently, been nicknamed Satan. You may remember the first time we had to replace his crate (by the way, we're now infamous at that particular PetCo), and his continued escape attempts from Crate #2, which finally sustained enough damage to warrant replacing.

Bixby & Crate #2
Ya think?

Bixby? Too smart for his own good.

Tonight he & I are going to his very first ever Obedience Class*. I'm excited that finally, hopefully, he will start learning how to behave himself like a dog people actually want to have around, and less like an unholy terror that kinda wants to eat you. Even better, where we're going, they also teach rally, agility, herding and dock jumping. Because Bixby is too smart for his own good, he's probably going to end up going to more than just basic obedience classes.

Eventually, hopefully, I'll have a smart, well behaved dog that does neat things.

You know.

Like ride nicely in the car without chewing the seat belt to pieces.

*I really, really want to dub this "Taking Satan to Bible Study", but I'm not positive even I'm that blasphemous.

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