Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures with Bixby

Tuesday night I took Bixby to visit the vet. He's been on medication for hypothyroidism since we got him, and it was time for more.

Bixby was really interested in all the neat sights, sounds and smells at the Vet's office, but he was not enthused about getting on the scale. Good news, though! He's officially heavier than when we got him.

Bixby: not too sure about this (at Citrus Heights Pet Hospital)
Bixby would really like to know what's going on out there.

The Vet looked over his prior test results, looked at Bixby, asked me some questions, looked at Bixby and then said that, you know, you don't like to go against test results, but he really doesn't look or act like a hypothyroid dog. Which, of course, makes perfect sense, because he really doesn't.

So our game plan is that I'm bringing Bixby back for more tests on Saturday, when I can get him in 4 to 6 hours after he has his medication. Then we'll (hopefully) find out for sure if he still needs them.

The Co-Vet (?) did some calculations and declared he should be getting 1,000 calories per day. I checked out the nutrition panel on his food when we got home & discovered he's getting about 1,260. Score! I'm not even kind of concerned that he's getting more than recommended because, dude, have you seen his skinny ass?

Mooom! There's a SQUIRREL!!
MOM there's a squirrel.


Wine Dog said...

It takes a while for the really skinny ones to settle down and gain weight. It took both Rita and Bubba about a year to get to their proper weight.

dolphyngyrl said...

I figure as long as we keep moving forward, we're doing ok. Plus it's not like he's not getting enough to eat. I also wonder, if we're treating a thyroid condition he doesn't have, if stopping that won't help him gain a little more quickly. I guess we're going to find out!