Thursday, May 26, 2011

Story of my Inadvertent Life

Tuesday was the most inadvertently awesome day on twitter, ever.

First, I magically end up with a Happy Hour date with Beautiful Bella and the "twitter whisperer" of de Vere's Irish Pub - which is, apparently, what happens when you stick your big nose in other people's conversations. And, possibly, this is the most randomly awesome thing that's ever happened.


And then I stuck my big nose in somewhere else, and it looks like I may be headed back to Texas to help crew or pace an IIF for the Rocky Raccoon 100.

Because, obviously, what my cracked ass crazy brain needs is direct exposure to Ultras. Hi! Did you know that the Western States 100 is pretty damn close to where I live? No? Well now you do.

Seriously, though, I'm really excited about this opportunity. It's not like I know any local ultra runners, so how often might I get the chance to not only help out someone I admire who has answered numerous stupid running questions for me, but to get my toes wet in the ultra world so I'm not, eventually, just diving in blind? How long was that sentence?

In other news involving Texas and stupid shit I think would be fun, Ironman Texas was this past weekend. Now, while I'd like to do an Ironman, I know this at least a 2013 thing, so I really don't so much follow it. When I found out there was an Ironman in Texas, the very first thing I did was email Missouri Dish to find out how far from him this happened. When he confirmed that it wasn't really all that far (in Texas terms), I told him that I thought that's the Ironman I'd go for (because, apparently, having a full Ironman in California is too much to ask).

And to know the Missouri Dish is to know that he believes that pretty much nobody should wear spandex anything and that he thinks I'm pretty close to batshit crazy for wanting to run at all, so wanting to complete a full Ironman is probably well within "booby hatch" parameters.

But damned if that shit didn't start looking at the Halves I could do for training next year.

Have I mentioned that I love the Missouri Dish?

Hey! I'm going back to Texas (maybe)!

And to bring this post right back around to the start, I think I need to do some thrifting this weekend. I'm going on a date* with a fashion blogger, after all. I totally need to step up my game.

*Y'all know I don't mean a date date, right?

PS: (mostly to myself) I have to register for CIM when I get paid on the 31st, because the fee goes up the next day and you know I'm too much of a tightwad for that!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Rocky Racoon in Huntsville Texas? That's the locale of my singular hell summer when I was 13 and spent the summer with my pops who lived in T-E-X-A-S for some 20 years. My memory brings up fire ants and humidity and daily nose bleeds. Good luck to ya.

Oh and you really want to train for an Iron Man? I both respect you and fear you for that.

Looking forward to our pints with the De Vere whisperer.... -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

dolphyngyrl said...

Early May in Texas wasn't that bad, and I'm guessing early February will be even less bad. I hope! Apparently, though, I only narrowly missed fire ants and SCORPIONS! on my last trip.

Yes, I really do want to train for an Ironman, but I have a ways to go before that's even remotely possible. I'm not that scary! Yet! :)