Wednesday, May 04, 2011

kd lang, Butch and Travel

I just absolutely adore this woman. When SweetPea really enjoys someone, she'll sometimes say that she could just shellac them & put them up on the mantle. Well. That's not where I'd put her(and, yes, I just went there).

There's just really not much about k.d. that isn't absolutely fabulous, endearing, enchanting, lovable, wonderful.

I love that she acknowledges herself as a "dykon" and I love that Sinclair's list of Top 100 Hot Butches was brought up in the interview and I love that she acknowledges and gives weight and voice to the presence of butch. I think we tend to assign labels to people, especially those in the proverbial spotlight, and it just makes me stunningly, blissfully happy when someone this famous acknowledges butch as a good thing and a valid descriptor that applies to herself.

And, did you see? Even k.d. isn't "too genderqueer" to wear a dress!

*fans self*

Ok, kids. I fly out today, so I have no idea when I'll have more content loaded. I may or may not be posting updates during my stay in Austin. It's hard to make plans when you've made no plans. You know? I do hope to have lots of trip pictures to post and a couple stories to tell.


You know what?

I'll see y'all in one week.

It's been awhile since we've taken a scheduled blog break.

So have fun. Enjoy yourselves. And expect to have something to share when we resume next week.

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